• Design Meets Beauty

    Design Meets Beauty

    With the philosophy of “prevention is better than cure” Hunter Lab skincare is made from powerful botanicals, which are preserved in a way to maximise the astonishing effects the ingredients have on the skin. 

    Based on horticulture and science, The Hunter Lab team’s approach is honest and considered, with products that are intentionally for both men and women. Their skincare is designed to clean, moisturise, nourish and protect your skin…not to mention the products all happen to smell like the best holiday destinations – think alpine forests and cedar mountaintops. 

    The skincare industry is a crazy one - what other industry create products that come with grandiose claims such as actually changing your life and making you look ten years younger? The Southwood team were very happy to join forces with Hunter Lab because the ingredients are natural, smell heavenly, feel silky on your skin and guess what? They actually do work. On the aesthetic front, Hunter Lab have perfectly executed the brand design which is immaculate and detailed with considered materials, typography and sleek lines. 

    Hunter Lab co-founder Elliot Waldron spoke to us about some of the common skincare confusions as well as the much sought after skincare range.

     There are so many skincare products out there. What are the benefits of sticking to the one-skincare regime?

    Obviously, we are huge advocates for natural skincare. It’s not so much about using one brand, but about having a routine based around high-quality natural formulas. As long as that brand is committed to using natural ingredients, or better put, not using synthetic ingredients, and their focus is on creating the most effective formulas, then a multi-brand based routine is the go. But, if you can’t find another brand which ticks those boxes, it might be Hunter Lab is your one stop natural skincare stop!


    “Natural” and “organic” are words that have turned into everyday lingo when it comes to skincare branding. Can you talk about the natural botanicals in the Hunter range?

    The reason we are seeing these words more and more in skincare is because consumers are now realising that it’s vitally important to keep a keen eye on what they put on their skin, as they should do with what they put in their bodies.  Our bodies are like a sponge, absorbing so much of what comes in contact with our skin. And with more and more evidence to suggest man-made compounds are making their way into our bloodstream, it is hugely important to know what we’re putting on our skin every day is only having a positive effect. 
    Our biocompatibility with the plant world means there are some incredible ingredients at our disposal which effectively interact with sour kin cells to nourish and protect them. Oils, extracts and active ingredients add important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help keep our skin healthy and happy. We source the highest quality ingredients from all over the world, and craft them with cutting edge green science to protect their integrity whilst maximising their effectiveness.


    We love that Hunter is equally for men as it is for women. Do you think there is still any male shyness or resistance to being active about skincare?

    There definitely still is, but it has come a long way! The overall stigma and attitude to the unknown, which has held men back in many facets of their lives, has been steadily lifting over the past couple of years, which is extraordinary to watch. Men are no longer ashamed to spend time on themselves and are now reaping the benefits of investing in their own brand with an uplift in confidence and enjoyment in life. Skincare is the extra 1%, much like training for a sport or for work; when you know, even subconsciously, that you’ve put in the work, and you feel good, and look good, you feel better about yourself and are armed to succeed. 

    What drove you to Hunter Lab? Has your own personal approach to skincare changed since managing the business?

    We wanted to create a brand we would use ourselves, which embodied our passion for modern design and healthy, sustainable living.  We were extremely passionate about using the highest quality natural ingredients to create the most effective, enjoyable natural products on the market. We wanted to inspire men and women to use natural skincare daily and do to so we knew we needed to create a brand they were proud to put in their bathroom, advocate amongst their tribes, and gift their loved ones. 
    The key change for me is that I now have a brand which inspires me to use skincare daily. That was our original reason for being; we started Hunter Lab because there wasn’t a natural brand on the market which did so. My skincare ritual has a few more products in it sure, but overall it still only takes a couple of minutes each day. And the uplift in confidence I get every day from using them is another key change from then to now.