• Introducing Feelgood

    Introducing Feelgood
    Meet the furniture company with the simplest of goals.
    Feel Good Designs


    Feel Good Designs create furniture with the goal of making a space feel warm and human-orientated, making the lucky person in that space to feel very good.  Simple right? So are their designs – elegant, casual and timeless.

    They have a seamless collection of famous and traditional designs (think minimal Italian rattan dining chair) mixed with contemporary styles which do not stray from the functionality and grace of the classic.

    The Australian company was born in Melbourne back in 2001. They didn’t waste any time - soon after opening they curated an impressive team of designers from Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Japan, and Switzerland. Keeping true to the company’s aesthetic, each designer combines traditional craftsmanship with modern day manufacturing using high-quality materials so the furniture endures the wear and tear of hustling and bustling spaces.

    We are incredibly excited to welcome Feelgood Design to our showroom. We asked director Miranda Stoffelen a few questions about the company aesthetic and creating feel good spaces.

    The “Feelgood Designs” collection cohesively combines some of the most classic and famous designs such as the Basket chair by Legler with contemporary furniture from makers around the world. What helps you define your aesthetic when creating a collection from different periods and origins?

    Our love of good design, natural materials and attention to detail help us to define our aesthetic. There are many considerations but above all there needs to be that something extra that excites, connects with the user.

    A lot of your designs use rattan. We love the casual elegance of your rattan chairs. Can you tell us a bit about the material and why you use it?

    Rattan is a very versatile natural material. Used in furniture rattan has many of the properties high tech materials try to copy - it’s flexible yet strong and durable and can be used to make organic shapes that are comfortable, warm and mould to the users body, also rattan is also a biodegradable, renewable resource. You can find more information on our website under our approach: ‘why we love rattan.'

    You create furniture which helps create warm, human-oriented ‘feel good’ environments. What do you think are the three most important interior aspects of a space to make it feel good?

    I think what makes a space feel good will be different for everybody. For me it's the use of natural materials like timber and stone, plenty of natural light, a view onto a garden if your lucky enough and some nice pieces of furniture.