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What do you sleep in?

What do you sleep in?

We spend almost 3000 hours in bed each year. People often spend weeks or months deciding on a mattress but not nearly enough thought is put into the bedlinen to go on the bed, which is after all what we have next to our skin each night.

At southwood we are often asked ‘what’s the best kind of bedlinen to sleep in?’ This question is very difficult to answer as our individual taste in bedlinen can be as varied as our individual preferences for food and drink.

But even though the decision is purely personal, we thought we would share some information that might help you to make the best choice for you!

Organic cotton quick facts:

Our organic cotton sheets and quilt covers have a beautifully soft yet ‘solid’ feel. They are generously sized allowing plenty to tuck in. They remind us of the lovely, long-lasting sheets that Granny used to have!

We all know cotton is a ‘natural’ fibre, but few people realise just how many chemicals are generally used in the production of cotton. That is why we choose to stock (and sleep in) organic cotton.

No pesticides or herbicides are used on the organic cotton farms where our cotton is grown which supports a more sustainable method of farming. In addition to this the chemicals usually used are eliminated from the processing of the fibre meaning that the finished bedlinen is less likely to cause skin irritations.

Organic cotton is hypo-allergenic and very breathable so it wicks moisture away from the skin making for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

The farms that supply our organic cotton also have fair trade certification.

Linen quick facts:

Linen (flax) is a very environmentally friendly plant; it is hard-wearing and requires much less processing and water than other crops to turn it from the plant into a fibre for use in bedding.

No pesticides or herbicides are used to grow flax.

Linen sheets are a great investment as they last a long time. The fibres themselves expand the more they are washed and used, making the sheets softer and smoother over time.

Linen, like organic cotton, wicks moisture away from the skin for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Our Bemboka linen is stone-washed for added softness and comes in three colourways, white, a lovely soft grey called ‘dove’ and a deep charcoal colourway. We will also have a fourth colour in the next few weeks which is a natural taupe/linen colour.

What about ‘thread count’?:

Thread count is a technical measurement. In Australia it indicates of the number of threads in a 10cm square piece of fabric, whilst in Europe and America it indicates the threads in a 1 inch square of fabric.

Thread count is not necessarily an indicator of quality as it does not take into account the type, quality or thickness of thread being used, or the weave of the fabric.

A clever marketing person worked out a few years ago that the higher the thread count the more impressive a fabric sounded, so the big makers started using thread count to advertise their more expensive ranges.

However, as with the type of fibre you choose to sleep on, thread count and construction is also a matter of personal taste.

Our organic cotton for example is made with a great quality, strong and relatively thick fibre which gives it the soft and solid feel we love. When people feel our organic cotton they often presume it is 1000 thread count (which it is not) but we still think it is the best on the market!

So how do I choose?:

At the end of the day (pun intended), what you sleep in all comes back to comfort, making both organic cotton and linen fantastic choices. It’s a matter of having a touch and feel of the different options to work out what is right to you. Come and see us in our Fitzroy store to look at our beautiful bedlinen collections so you can decide for yourself!

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