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  • The Trick to Timber

    The Trick to Timber
    It’s common to accumulate different kinds of timber furniture over the years. This can lead to the conundrum of trying to make all the different kinds of wood in your space harmonise together rather than looking like a confused sharehouse. Southwood owners Val and Maria sat down to discuss their true love of timber and the tricks of the trade when it comes to styling timber in a home.
  • Rugs on a Mission

    Rugs on a Mission
    The striking new Armadillo and Co rug range has rolled out to make a statement with new textures, weaves and designs that are clearly inspired by various natural landscapes. The thriving business has kept true to its philanthropic missions - A&Co were one of the first Australian fair trade business'. A&Co state manager for Victoria and Tasmania Kim Sun-Ho had a chat to us about rugs, styling and the joys of following your instinct.