Exfoliating Hand and Body Bar

Exfoliating Hand and Body Bar

This is a magic little bar of soap. It looks unassuming however it is incredible for deeply cleansing, removing dead skin and hydrating your skin. It also smells heavenly …

They have packed 3 essential ingredients into each bar –

  • Black Clay- Often used in face masks, Black Clay helps unclog pores and improves circulation. It also contains a huge amount of iron and oxygen properties, making it energising and softening
  • Activated Charcoal- The ultimate ingredient for a deep cleanse, activated charcoal helps heal any blemishes by drawing dirt, oil and bacteria to the surface to be washed away.
  • Sweet Almond Oil- This ingredient serves as the hydrator in this little bar of soap. High in Vitamin E, this oil can be used on the most sensitive of skin.
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