Lulu Stool Matte

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Special Studio is an original 3D printed designer brand and production studio based in New Zealand. 

Their goal is simple - use plastic waste to make new things and clean up the planet.

All their products are 3D printed locally, using at least 98% recycled plastic combined with additive manufacturing to produce new objects - reducing waste and lowering the environmental impact.

Supporting local production reduces the overall volume of imported goods and materials, preventing money from going off-shore and helping our economy and environment.

With its smooth curves and slight twist, the Lulu Stool is iconic and beautiful regardless of setting. The Lulu stool doubles up as a side table, this versatile piece works well in any setting. Twenty layers of plastic are printed to produce the top, providing a weight-bearing of up to 100 kg.

Available in Matte and Gloss: This matt finish is sophisticated and timeless.

Sizes & Dimensions:

Standard = 40cm Tall x 33 cm Diameter
Large = 50cm Tall x 33 cm Diameter
Extra Large = 55cm Tall x 33cm Diameter

Weight: 1.8 - 2.2kg

lead time: 4 - 6 weeks