Neva Light Chair

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The Neva Chair is a beautifully crafted piece, the soft smooth detailing gives the Neva chair its elegance and sense of luxury. The insistence on manual, artisan work is what sets these pieces apart, they are made with care and fine craftsmanship. The Neva chair fits perfectly with the Latus table creating the most temperate and delicate look.  

“We encourage the designers to create each piece with their own artistic signature insisting that every such piece is worthy of the precious material it was made from, thus conveying our philosophy of love of wood”

  • Material: Natural timbers sourced locally in Bosnia (FSC certified), Leather or Fabric

  • Colour options: There is a large variety of natural timbers, leather and fabric upholstery options available*

  • Dimensions: W47 x D51 x H79 cm

  • The lead time is 28 weeks, check with us with the current stock

  • Made by Artisan

*Contact our store for further details.