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truly sustainable furniture

southwood was established in 2008 with the intention of retailing only the most ethically sound and sustainable products available.
From our original small store in Clifton Hill offering Australian Made soft furnishings to our large Fitzroy warehouse showcasing our own furniture and homewares, we have grown considerably and have now developed what we believe to be the only truly sustainable furniture range in Australia.
The concept of sustainability is often misrepresented. There are many companies claiming that their furniture products are eco friendly and sustainably produced whilst using ‘eco’ petrochemical foam for their upholstery, blended materials for their ‘natural’ coverings and polyurethane finishes on their timber. All are petrochemical products, all are plastic and therefore all take extremely long periods to degrade when the life of the product has ended. Even so called biodegradable plastic will take many years before it fully breaks down.
Here at southwood we keep our products natural in the true sense of the word. Our upholstery consists of natural latex wrapped in 100% wool, not the ubiquitous petrochemical foams and Dacron wrap of contemporary manufacture. We have gone back to the traditional methods of the mid 20th century before plastics took over in the 60s and 70s. We don’t and won’t use covering fabrics that are synthetic or natural fabric blended with synthetics. Only wool, cotton, hemp and linen make the grade. Our furniture is made exclusively from Australian timbers. Australia has some excellent hardwoods for furniture making and with local milling, transport miles are kept to a minimum. Once a piece is created, why cover it up with dyes and more plastic? We bring out the natural beauty of timber by avoiding any use of stains and by finishing with a sustainable hard wax oil.
It’s what we do as a sign of respect for the world around us.

southwood – the only truly sustainable furniture range in Australia

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