Bor Dan Room Spray

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Bor Dan is a candle brand created and hand poured in Melbourne since 2017. Their room spay line is n extension of their brand - At Bor Dan they spare no expense on the quality of their ingredients, using only the highest quality from Europe.

Sents Available:

  • Palo Santo: A calming, soothing woody scent used for spiritual purification and energy clearing. This is one of the lighter scents
  • Cedarleaf Mandarin and Teak: Citrus blend of mandarin and lemon with bold notes of cedar leaf and teak wood
  • Fir Needle and Lemon Myrtle: Fresh Lemon myrtle and blend of Australian natives
  • Rosewater and Cassis Leaf: Unique blend of rose petals and blackcurrant
  • Vetiver and Black Fig: A sweet fruity blend with notes of fresh grass
  • Aloeswood and Pink Pepper: Blend of wood spicy herbs and floral notes