Bambusa Rug

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Bambusa combines a rich, dense structure with vibrant colours to eye-catching effect. Designed by Ulf Moritz and Felix Diener, it has a very individual expression, which is vibrant yet understated.

The unusually dense structure of Bambusa contains over 1.9 million bamboo viscose yarns every square metre. Thanks to this compactness, the rug’s short 12 mm pile, and the sophisticated shimmer of its bamboo viscose yarns, it has a distinctively deep and elegant sheen.

Bambusa comes in 20 sophisticated colours, which are a modern interpretation of those used in ancient Persian rugs. These range from natural hues, such as wheat, cream and pale moss green, to bolder tones, such as deep red and teal.

  • Fibre: 100% bamboo viscose
  • Produced in: United Kingdom
  • Production method: Tufted
  • One m² contains 1.9 million bamboo viscose threads. Therefore some may detach when the rug is in use, particularly with new rugs
  • Slight colour differences may occur
  • Rug underlay recommended
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Production time: 6 – 9 weeks

Sizes are fully customisable up to a max size;

  • Width: 50cm - 400 cm
  • Length: 80 - 700 cm
  • Diameter: 100 - 400 cm