Echo Rug

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The rug is expertly crafted and handwoven by skilled artisans using a special weaving technique. It has a beautiful "echo" effect and a balanced structure and pattern. The yarns are high-quality New Zealand wool, creating a textured and visually appealing feel to your space. 

  • Produced in: India
  • Production method: Made by an 8-shaft threading repeat, incorporating about 150 single warp threads and 40 single weft thread.
  • Irregularities may occur as a result of the hand-knotted process
  • Rug underlay recommended
  • Production time: 6-9 weeks

Suitable for medium to heavy residential use with exceptions of stairways, corridors or with the use of castors. 

Sizes are fully customisable up to a max size;

  • Width: 50cm - 400 cm
  • Length: 80 - 1000 cm