Lulu Stool

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The Lulu Stool is an interesting and beautiful piece. Made out of 98% recycled plastic, this stool is 3D printed and is part of the Lulu collection.

With its smooth curves and slight twist, the Lulu Stool is iconic and beautiful regardless of setting. The Lulu stool doubles up as a side table, this versatile piece works well in any setting. Twenty layers of plastic are printed to produce the top, providing a weight-bearing of up to 100 kg. Available in Matte and Gloss: The gloss finish adds a sheen and dimension to its unique, organic structure.

Sizes & Dimensions:

  • Standard: Height 40cm - Diameter 33 cm
  • Medium: Height 45cm - Diameter 33 cm
  • Large: Height 50cm - Diameter 33 cm
  • XL: Height 55cm - Diameter 33 cm

lead time: 4 - 6 weeks