Teixidors Tile Cushion

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John Pawson’s exclusive design TILE for Teixidors consists of three throws and complementary cushions, with a design inspired by architectural patterns: playing with the repeating form of a rectangular tile to generate a mosaic, expressed in three intensities of colour. TILE perfectly characterizes the attraction of the British architect to constructive patterns, to simplicity and to textures that occur in nature.

Model 1: MARBLE
90% Ecological Merino Wool from France 10% Sustainable hand combed baby yak wool 

Model 2: STONE
50% Ecological Merino Wool from France 50% Sustainable hand combed baby yak wool

Model 3: SLATE
60% Ecological Merino Wool from France 40% Sustainable hand combed baby yak wool
  • Made in Barcelona, Spain
  • Lead time: 3 - 6 weeks